Identifying Helicopter

Our experience and partners within the industry will identify available and suitable machines on the market as quickly as possible.


Marketing your helicopter the right way will get you closer to achieve your goal in the most efficient manner. We can provide advice and advertising your machine to the industry. Our extensive relationships allow us to place machines in a fast and efficient manner.

Buying and Selling Helicopter

With a decade of experience we can ensure that you will not get lost in the highly regulated world of the international aviation industry whether you wish to buy or sell helicopters.

Helicopter Inspections

We have professional and experienced partners worldwide who we trust and contact for helicopter inspections. Our technical expertise will allow you to avoid pitfalls that you may experience in buying a helicopter.

Organising Financing

We can help provide advice and organising of helicopter financing.


We have done over 50 helicopter sales transactions over the 20 years all internationally. We understand the processes and requirements and can make it easier for you to make the deal.


We can help putting together helicopter leases. We have executed over 25 international lease transactions in the past 20 years which covered many countries in the continents of South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Spare Parts